We offer a unique service that is focused on finding ways for you to save time – and money – on all your projects that involve tower cranes, mobile cranes and logistics.

We offer a thorough process designed to serve your needs. One piece of the puzzle is a pre-construction package. Once you choose us to work on your project we will work with you to:

  • Gather tenders from all prospective tower crane companies and lay out the pros and cons of each crane. You will see the physical and financial aspect of your decisions. We have experience with the major brands of cranes including: Potains, Comedils, Peiners, Liebherr’s, Wilburts, Wolffs, Jost, Jaso, BPR, Saez Yongmao and Linden Comansa.
  • Liaise with potential sub-contractors and find out their potential plant movement and logistical needs. We then write the method statements, lifting plans and logistics plan.
  • Work alongside the principal contractor to create and manage the tower crane strategy and the logistical package of the building.

Learn more about our last step in our process: On Site Management.

Then contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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