Crane Services

Our mission is to assist construction companies in finding more efficient and economic ways to plan and execute tower crane and logistic packages on construction sites around the world.


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On-site management

We are considered one of the leading companies in tower crane consulting, management and engineering. We’ve developed a comprehensive process to ensure the success of our client’s projects. We take a creative approach to every project as we cater to each site’s needs and build the cranes accordingly. A unique aspect of our service is offering full-time on-site management for your project.

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We offer a unique service that is focused on finding ways for you to save time – and money – on all your projects that involve tower cranes, mobile cranes, and logistics.

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Planning and consulting

We’ve worked on a number of sites globally and continue to push the limit when it comes to tower crane engineering on unique and exciting projects around the world. Van Doorn was founded because of our ability to erect some of the most architecturally challenging cranes in the industry. Our staff have worked all over the world, and we know what it takes to get a job done safely and on time.

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Buy a crane

Acquiring cranes for your construction projects can be a daunting task. If taken for granted it can cost your company thousands in avoidable costs.

We work as an agent for our clients to ensure they get the best possible price and service. Using Van Doorn to handle the sales and purchases of cranes is a benefit because we purchase the cranes without the seller being aware of their final destination.

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