Self-erecting tower cranes for sale

Self-erecting tower cranes are helpful for smaller scale projects. It’s a versatile machine and is fairly straightforward to set up and manage. It comes pre-assembled and can easily be transported to anywhere in the world. If you’re looking to buy, we have several self-erecting tower cranes for sale via our vast global network of contacts.

With the flip of a few switches, the crane transforms from a flat-packed machine to a tall figure. They don’t have the lifting capacity of a full tower crane, but they have a 45m jib and a max lifting capacity of around 6 tonnes which makes them perfect for smaller infrastructure projects.

Although these self-erecting tower cranes do come pre-assembled, you must ensure that you follow the same guidelines as with any other tower crane. A technician will begin with the erection of the tower and jib sections via a remote control that controls the hydraulic and winch systems. Before they do that, the crane must be thoroughly inspected to ensure there isn’t any damage to the steel ropes or structural damage to the body of the crane. Once the inspection is complete then it is time to erect.

This is one of the reasons our clients enjoy working with us. In addition to serving as an agent for you throughout the sales process, we can take on the needed details to make sure these erection guidelines are met. We provide a full team of experienced professionals to your job site to ensure all operations run smoothly.

As your agent, we work hard to ensure you get the best possible price and service. In addition, we take on all of the logistical headaches of buying, shipping and managing the self-erecting cranes so you can focus on hitting construction timelines and budgets.

Contact us today for a brief conversation about how we can help you.

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