Over the last few weeks I touched a bit more on technical aspects of a crane and how it interacts with its surroundings.  For this week I wanted to switch it up a bit and discuss why using service companies like Van Doorn TCC can be much more economic for your company and it won’t hit your pocket quite as hard as you might think.

We are constantly reaching out for new clients to help them service their tower crane needs around the world and we always seem to have this conversation,  “Why would I hire a service company when I can hire full time employees to look after it for me?”  This is a legitimate question and concern for all companies who are involved in projects that need the assistance of a tower crane. I believe it all depends on the economic position of your company.

If you have a fleet of a few dozen cranes and your men are working everyday then I would absolutely agree, having full time employees are the way to go.  They will be at your call whenever you need them and all your service needs can be kept in house and save you money in the long run for sure.

However if you have a fleet of cranes less than 15 or so then I would advise you not to hire full time employees. First of all, you must ensure that all of your cranes are up and working on a full time basis.  We have found that if you have a modest fleet then this is typically not the case. Often times many full time employees are just working their guaranteed 40 hour work week and not being very productive at all. 

If you were to venture away from using full time employees and look to using a service company to manage your fleet on your behalf you will be saving yourself a lot of money in the long run.  By using a service company like Van Doorn TCC you save yourself a lot of money on overhead like the following:

  • Daily labour costs of full time employees
  • Insurance for your employees
  • Vehicle purchase, maintenance, and running costs
  • Tools
  • Holiday and sick pay

At Van Doorn TCC we work with our customers to make sure they get the service they deserve at a fair price.  We’re able to work on fixed price contracts around the globe to ensure your project stays on time and to budget.  Over the past 2 years we have expanded our operational outreach to 13 countries around the world and climbing.

We provide a service that is not only trusted by rental companies, but manufacturers around the world.  We give rental companies the cranes to expand their business as well knowing that their cranes are well looked after and the jobs get done to schedule and on cost.

Here’s just one quote from one of our satisfied clients:

“I immediately felt confident Cornelis Van Doorn (and his team) was the guy we could trust for their experience, skills, and competence. I quickly understood that from a relational point of view they are partners we can trust.”

Ivo Romanelli
Service Manager
Terex Cranes

If you are looking to expand your companies reach and need a trusted service company to oversee the expansion, please don’t hesitate to contact me today.

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