On-site management

We are considered one of the most valued companies in tower crane consulting, management and engineering. We’ve developed a comprehensive process to ensure the success of our client’s projects. We take a creative approach to every project as we cater to each site’s needs and build the cranes accordingly. A unique aspect of our service is offering full-time on-site management for your project.

Once pre-construction works have been completed we offer:

  • Full-time on-site management of all lifting operations. This includes a team on site to manage and perform the servicing, erection and dismantling of all tower cranes and external hoists.
  • Full-time team of plant movement specialists to meet all sub-contractors’ logistical needs on site.
  • Provide any Slinger and Banksmen that may be needed on site.

The principal contractor is provided weekly reports and is able to make all decisions with regards to the construction site. Our role is to provide our industry expertise to the contractor to save you time and money while ensuring your project is completed safely and on time. We’re also able to act as an agent for you to buy or rent cranes for your project.

We have built some of the most architecturally challenging buildings in the world. Let us help you manage your next major project.

Contact Van Doorn for a complimentary consultation for your next tower crane project.

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