La Vegona Hydroelectric Dam in Honduras is designed to promote clean energy and help the country meet its growing power needs. La Vegona produces about 181-gigawatt hours of electricity a year. The hydropower plant also helps to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of Honduran exporters by supplying lower-cost energy from a clean source. It’s the largest hydropower project in Honduras.

The project was run by Compañía Hondureña de Energía Renovable S.A. (COHERSA) and funded by OeEB and IFC, a member of the World Bank Group.

We made five trips to Honduras for this project. Four of the trips were to erect, climb and dismantle, and the other was for consulting and project planning for the tower crane process and heavy lifting involving turbines. Each trip lasted between six to eight weeks.

Our involvement:

  • We were not originally involved in this project. However, they were having problems with the company they originally hired to install the cranes on site, and Van Doorn were recommended to them as a team who could come in and get the job done.
  • Subsequently, we completed the erection, climbing and dismantling of all five cranes associated with this project.
  • Due to the extremely remote location of the site, we were also their main part supplier for the cranes.
  • We consulted on the best practices for lifting procedures on-site and for structural engineering associated with the cranes and dismantling procedure.

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