Used cranes for sale

If you need a crane for a short period of time it’s often best to buy a used crane. Van Doorn’s worldwide network of suppliers allows us to identify the highest quality used cranes for sale on the market at the best possible price.

We can act as your agent when you are looking to buy a used crane. Our vast contacts and experience allow us to find the best deals on cranes worldwide. Prices fluctuate dramatically from region to region so can secure the best pricing regardless of your location.  In fact, we take on all logistical needs including price negotiation, purchasing and shipping.

One of the biggest keys is to buy from a reputable source to ensure the crane has been well maintained and serviced. We have worked on projects all over the world and we’ve identified vendors that are trustworthy and can deliver for our clients. We have experience with and can source major brands including: Comedil, Liebherr, Wolff, Comansa, Potain, Jaso, Case, Grove, Hitachi, Komatsu, Lorain, Mitsubishi, Peiner, and Terex.

Many of the best deals on cranes can be found in models that are between 5 and 10 years old which means they are still at their peak performance, but many times there has been a new model released which dramatically drops the price of previous models. Our sources can deliver these specific cranes which save you thousands in costs while ensuring you get a high-quality piece of equipment.

We reduce the risk associated with the purchase of used cranes which means you get a crane from a reputable source, at a fair price, delivered to your construction site.

If you are looking for a used crane for sale we have many available in all sizes and lifting capacities. Contact us today.

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