Before you ever step a foot onto a crane construction site there are a few points you must consider regarding the best practices in constructing a crane. First, where is the best spot on the site to locate your tower cranes bases? You must consider the height of the crane that is needed and also how far it is away from what it is you want to lift. How heavy is the object you want to lift? Where do you need to move materials from, and where are they being lifted to?

Once you have all of the answers to these questions then you will know what model of crane that will best suit your crane construction site. This is only half the problem. Once you have chosen the model and brand you wish to go with, now it is time to choose whether you want to purchase new, used or even rent. I will get into more details about this in upcoming blogs.

Once you are ready to proceed with the erection of your tower crane on site, you must follow a step by step procedure (click here to download pdf) to ensure that the job is not only carried out safely, but also to an exact sequence to ensure the crane is installed properly and to ensure that the site is ready for the arrival of the tower crane.

The areas where you must pay the most attention for crane construction procedures include: sequence of work, contacts and operatives, risk assessment and COSHH, standard procedures, rescue procedures, transport access, inspection checklists, and a tower crane build sheet and drawing.

These points will allow you to ensure that the site prepared for the arrival of your crane, as well as make sure that the crane construction in the proper order. Also, it ensures that all necessary precautions are made to ensure the safety of not only the technicians working on the tower crane, but also other workers on the site, and even the general public if your crane is being erected in a city centre or a heavily populated area.

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